Swaive joins the smart thermometer market

Swaive smart thermometer

Swaive Corporation is the latest company to join the smart thermometer market. Their product is an in-ear thermometer designed to be accurate to 0.01oC and meet the FDA requirements.

The device can be used completely standalone or with an accompanying mobile app, which will initially be an iOS exclusive, whereas the Android version will most likely be released at a later date.

With the largest display on any thermometer available as well as a built-in flashlight, the Swaive Themometer is dubbed perfect for people of all ages. Under normal usage, the battery is expected to last for more than 2 years, and the connected app will continuously monitor the battery life.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection between the thermometer and phone, users will be able to collect and keep all temperature readings that can be shared with medical professionals or the loved ones. Another great option that the app has is monitoring more individuals at the same time, allowing them to compare their temperatures and get all notifications regarding their temperature status on the phone.

The Swaive intelligent in-ear thermometer will be available for $79.99.