CareCam raises $2.4M for its video-based chronic condition management system

CareCam vHealth

A company called CareCam Health Systems raised $2.4 million for its smartphone camera-enabled chronic condition management system, an SEC filing is revealing. This brings the company’s total funding to at least $12.4 million, according to mobihealthnews.

CareCam offers vHealth, what it says is the new generation of mobile health advancing chronic care management and patient engagement. Leveraging smartphone’s built-in camera, vHealth solution provides the method to verify, validate and document patient compliance; educate patients; and increase productivity of the healthcare workforce; all of which should result in improved health outcomes and drastically reduce costs.

Patients can video record their self-care activities to demonstrate compliance in a process that makes them feel more connected to their care team, while allowing providers to verify whether patients are completing activities correctly. Providers and health plans can review flashboard reports and trends to determine whether patients are complying with care plan instructions or whether intervention may be required. What’s more, providers can improve productivity by viewing patient-recorded videos of specific physical conditions, rather than spending time on an in-person visit.

According to CareCam, using video instead of audio or text messages results in increased learning, rate of absorption, and content retention for patients. The platform also allows for educational video content from clients and partners to be embedded.