FitLinxx AmpStrip joins the consumer fitness tracking market

FitLinxx AmpStrip

FitLinxx unveiled its very first consumer product, the heart and activity monitoring device called AmpStrip. Building off the company’s more than 20 years of experience in providing enterprise health and fitness technology, AmpStrip is discrete and comfortable to wear but it’s not a wrist-worn band nor a chest strap. Using hypoallergenicdical-grade adhesives, it sticks to the user’s torso to automatically and continuously track heart rate, activity, respiration, body temperature and posture; not only during workouts but also during rest, recovery and sleep.

“AmpStrip is the first of its kind heart and activity tracking monitor outpacing existing products with significantly more accurate data and comfortable 24/7 wear before, during and after exercise,” said Dave Monahan, president and CEO of FitLinxx. “Fitness enthusiasts can lose the chest strap and wristband, staying focused on improving performance while AmpStrip works automatically to provide the information that will help them best reach their goals.”

AmpStrip lets users know how they are performing and where their body is in the stress-recovery cycle of training so they can make better decisions about the type and intensity of each day’s workout and keep functioning at peak performance. The device is made with durability in mind and is able to “cope” with intense workouts, swimming, showers and all-day and night wear. It wirelessly streams data in real-time while also holding it in memory.

The price is still unknown, but is anticipated to be “competitive” compared to existing heart rate monitors on the market.