Gamgee secures another $4M for its patient engagement platform


Startup called Gamgee raised $4 million for its voice-enabled patient engagement platform. The money, provided in the form of both equity and debt, came from the firm’s CEO Robert Quinn and Vinod Khosla, the SEC filing reveals.

No official press release has been issued but chances are the funding will go towards further product development, as well as increased sales and marketing efforts.

Gamgee’s 22otters service allows providers to convert their instructions into interactive mobile apps to reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction. On the other hand, patients get to prepare themselves for upcoming appointments and procedures, while also benefiting from their doctor’s guidance while on the go. 22otters’ idea, the company says, is to “conversationalize” consumer health care information.

Gamgee has been in development since around the start of 2013. He and Khosla jointly put up a $2 million seed round last March.

Gamgee’s app is currently being used by a number of clinics, including the Menlo Clinic and George Washington University, all of which reported good patient engagement results.

[Via: VentureBeat]