Vivametrica tunes into wearables to support legal decision making

Vivametrica tunes into wearables to support legal decision making

Vivametrica wants to address the subjective nature of personal injury claims and lack of medically verifiable data. To this end, it launched Functional Activity Assessment with application for use in Personal Injury Litigation, providing quantifiable data backed by clinical research to support legal cases involving personal injury claims.

The device-agnostic platform delivers a standardized approach to data collection and management, and includes features for legal firms that assist in case development. The system relies on a wearable fitness device to record steps and provide a quantitative representation of the claimant’s activity during their normal weekly routine.

Vivametrica-generated report includes a baseline comparison of the claimant’s steps per day against clinically valid, normalized population data. These data sets are factored by age, gender, body mass index and waist circumference, to show generalized view of the client’s activity level against the population norm.

Lawyers can use Vivametrica’s tools to obtain an initial perspective and ongoing measurement of a client’s activity level.Used in conjunction with other legal assessment protocols, the client’s perceptions of her or his own abilities and limitations can be cross-referenced and verified with the report findings. Additionally, reports are verified and reviewed by qualified health professionals and backed by Vivametrica’s commitment to accurate clinical data.

Lawyers can use Vivametrica’s analytics tools to obtain an initial perspective, as well as ongoing measurement of a client’s activity level, providing information on injury effects on their client’s functional abilities.

These assessments are non-invasive to the client and provide valid, objective and individualized information.