Doctors launch platform to make meaningful use of data from wearable devices


A company called Vivametrica is looking to leverage data produced by wearable devices and turn it into meaningful healthcare decisions. So they’re introducing what they say is the first-of-its-kind wearable analytics platform, made for consumers, enterprises and healthcare providers.

Vivometrica’s first-of-its-kind wearable analytics platform is made for consumers, enterprises and healthcare providers.“When the wearable device market took off, the need to put all this data to good use became apparent. Our team of doctors and researchers has spent years tracking the important relationship between activity and health,” said Dr. Richard Hu, founder and CEO of Vivametrica. “This specialized insight into the healthcare industry has given us a unique opportunity to make this valuable information available to the audiences we think will benefit most.”

Based on years of clinical research linking activity and health risks, Vivametrica’s device-agnostic platform delivers a standardized approach to data collection and management, bridging the gap between wearable fitness applications and actionable health data. This combo promises credible and personalized assessments, as well as research-backed analytics. Mentioned assessments can be used to determine individual risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and back pain; and to provide personalized health targets and goals based on objective data collection.

The company is very proud of its executive team that is comprised of experts in the fields of health, medicine and business: Dr. Richard Hu is Founder and CEO, with spinal and orthopedic surgery background; he is also a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Calgary. Cofounder and COO, Dr. Christy Lane, has built her career around the science of exercise, focusing on outcomes and treatment for common spinal disorders, as well as exercise rehabilitation for special populations.

Another cofounder (and scientific advisor), Dr. Matthew Smuck, is chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation and an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Stanford University. Finally, there’s serial entrepreneur Scott Valentine (President), who has held previous positions as a marketing executive at Solium and as an investor and go-to-market VP with Mobovivo.