Is ZocDoc in trouble?


ZocDoc is facing a legal action from one of its former employees, Business Insider is reporting.

Said employee claims that the popular doctor appointment booking company fostered a work environment that was generally accepting of sexual harassment against women.

In an anonymous rant on the discussion website Kinja, she accuses ZocDoc for a number of things, including blatantly lying to doctors, which consequently are now suing the company.

“As a sales representative I was told to blatantly lie to Dr.’s and I overheard people around me lie to them on a consistent basis,” she said. “ZocDoc was even recently sued by a band of doctors in a class action lawsuit brought forth by a group of Doctors.”

In response to these claims, the company sent the following statement to VentureBeat: “As a company, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work, and we have a long-standing policy against any forms of unlawful harassment or discrimination.‚Äč”

The situation will, obviously, find its epilogue in court.

New York-based ZocDoc enables people to search for doctors, read and submit reviews, and book appointments online. The company makes its money by charging doctors to list their practice on its site.

In June, it raised a $152 million round at a $1.6 billion valuation. ZocDoc’s investors include DST Global and Goldman Sachs.