HTH Worldwide opens up its platform to third-party developers

HTH Worldwide developers

HTH Worldwide is opening up its robust, global health and safety databases to developers seeking to enhance their products. The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided make it possible to deliver vital health and safety information to international travelers.

HTH develops and maintains tools and information proven to help world travelers navigate risks and access trusted medical care all around the world. Through the new portal, companies serving international travelers can enhance their services on a global scale, enabling their customers to prepare with personalized health and safety advice, access an elite network of healthcare providers, communicate effectively and navigate barriers to treatment.

“At HTH Worldwide, our mission is to help world travelers pursue their plans with confidence,” said Alex Wood, managing director for HTH Worldwide. “Making our innovative, proprietary health and safety tools available through an API portal is a great way to expand our ability to meet our goal.”