Mira smart band is made for the ladies

Mira smart band is made for the ladies

Most of today’s wrist-worn fitness trackers look the same. That’s not the case with Mira, a new entrant to the market looking to appeal to the fairer sex. According to its creators, “It’s not just about a device. It’s about an experience.”

Described as a “stunning bracelet,” Mira comes with a detachable tracker and mobile app that gets to know its users, while delivering personal and relevant suggestions called Boosts to help ladies stay motivated and focused.

A single Mira unit goes for $79 or $149, depending whether you need a bracelet or not.The device will celebrate and encourage every healthy choice and fit moment, no matter how small with the mentioned Boosts, offering simple suggestions to help busy women make the most of every healthy opportunity.

Design wise, Mira should work well with both 9-5 chic and casual everyday looks. Like that’s not enough, there’s also an option to wear just the tracker discreetly clipped to a bra strap or simply tuck it in a pocket.

Said bracelet comes in Brushed Gold and Midnight Purple, and is available in three sizes: petite, small and medium.

Designing Mira was not easy, though; the process involved a panel of women across the U.S. These women wanted something simple, easy to use and that fits into their busy lives. They weren’t concerned with shaving .08 seconds off their personal run time; instead they wanted something personal, motivating and flexible. So the idea was born. And that idea is currently trying to raise $10,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to enter the mass production. A single unit goes for $79 or $149, depending whether you need a bracelet or not. Check it out.