META M1 smart watch gets Misfit-powered activity tracking

META M1 smart watch

META, which is one of the companies that pioneered the modern smart watch, has made a deal with Misfit to integrate their activity and sleep tracking technology and cloud API across the latest META platform.

As a result, the META M1 users will be able to access two levels of activity tracking: basic mode that allows users to set a steps goal and track their daily totals, and advanced mode which calculates points and history tracking with a new or existing Misfit account. Advanced mode connects Misfit’s Cloud API with MetaCloud, META’s global delivery and management gateway.

“Activity and automatic sleep tracking are great use cases for smart watches to incorporate so we love the fact that META’s beautiful devices can now have this functionality and can have access to the Misfit App and community,” said Misfit CEO Sonny Vu.

META M1 users will receive the Misfit integration as part of an upcoming upgrade to the platform.

Back in October of last year, Pebble added the same capability to its smart watch.