Pebble smart watch updated with fitness and sleep tracking

Pebble update

Pebble announced a major firmware update for its still-popular smart watch. Both the original (plastic) Pebble and Pebble Steel got new capabilities, allowing owners of these devices to track their fitness activities and sleep. These new capabilities work in the background, as opposed to previous fitness tracking solution that required Pebble users to keep the Misfit app open the entire time to count their steps.

According to Pebble, new features won’t significantly affect the battery life.In addition, the company is also adding new fitness partners, including Jawbone and, both of which got Pebble apps that will sync activity and sleep data to their respective services. Misfit’s existing app also got an update to provide sleep tracking in addition to basic activity tracking.

Pebble is also opening its activity tracking features to other developers through an API. Said features, according to Pebble, won’t significantly affect the battery life and users can still expect to get between five and seven days between charges.

In related news, Pebble also announced new lower prices of its watches, along with new distribution partners. The plastic Pebble now goes for $99, whereas the Pebble Steel is selling for $199. When it comes to new distributors, Fry’s, Sam’s Club, and Sprint stores will join existing channels that include Target, Best Buy and Amazon. In the UK, Pebble products will be available at Dixons, O2 and Amazon; and the plan is also to sell Pebble in Scandinavian and Benelux countries.