DAQRI acquires maker of the EEG tracker Melon

Smart Helmet

The enterprise augmented reality company DAQRI acquired Melon, the EEG-tracking headband maker that saw its debut in a 2013 crowdfunding campaign.

The acquisition was announced by DAQRI’s CEO Brian Mullins who used his keynote address at the company’s own event, 4D Expo to share the good news.

DAQRI is working on a “4D” technology that is able to display data directly in the user’s environment rather than confining it to a screen. The company’s forthcoming Smart Helmet will use 4D, as well as Melon’s own technology to allow users to monitor vital signs like heart rate, skin temperature, stress level, attention and fatigue.

“The EEG space has immediate potential to enhance 4D wearables with safety features, as well as long term potential to create a game-changing brain-computer interface that will allow you to control 4D interfaces and objects in the real world,” Mullins said in a statement. “We have been working with EEG technology in conjunction with augmented reality for several years and it was clear that the Melon team was really pushing the limits of what was possible today, and in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Melon team will continue working on fulfilling outstanding crowdfunding orders for its headband product, and on developing Version 2 of the device. For the time being, the firm will keep its identity. Terms of the deal were not revealed.

[Via: mobihealthnews]