Cox teams-up with Cleveland Clinic to bring telehealth to its customers

Vivre Health

Cox Communications and Cleveland Clinic are teaming-up to form Vivre Health, a strategic alliance to bring healthcare to the home through telehealth and home health solutions.

The alliance promises to “accelerate the creation, development and delivery of solutions that will improve and extend human life,” according to Dr. Thomas Graham, chief innovation officer, Cleveland Clinic.

Cox Communications’ Asheesh Saksena, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, is equally bullish on the prospects of Vivre. He said: “Fueled by access to broadband, we believe the home will be an increasingly important node within the healthcare delivery architecture and Vivre Health is uniquely positioned to help drive this transformation.”

It’s worth adding that this isn’t the first time Cox is investing in digital health services; it has already put money into HealthSpot, which has built a healthcare delivery platform that combines cloud-based software with their HealthSpot station, digital medical devices and mobile applications. This solution is being piloted across several states by leading healthcare, pharmacy and retail services providers.

Cox recently committed to deliver residential Gigabit Internet speeds to all markets it serves by the end of 2016. So it does make sense for them to invest in services that would take advantage of all that extra bandwidth. Only time will tell whether these two will be able to fight established telehealth providers…