Elli Health raises $774K for its telehealth service

Elli Health

Delafield, Wisconsin-based Elli Health raised $774,000 in a mix of equity and options, according to an SEC filing, bringing the company’s total funding to date to at least $900,000.

Elli runs a virtual visits service that starts by presenting the user with a set of questions to find out about his or her symptoms. Once a user sends in the answers, an Elli clinician will then create a treatment plan, including a prescription if appropriate. If the clinician thinks an office visit is required, the service will help the patient schedule an appointment with the most appropriate provider.

Elli says that its approach is better than “standard telehealth services,” as it removes a need for the user to find a quiet or private space just to chat with their doctor.

The service can access users’ clinical records and health risk assessments with a consent. Elli Health is not a direct-to-consumer service, and is only available through payers or providers.

[Via: mobihealthnews]