Qualcomm, AMC Health to enhance virtual care coordination for chronic care patients

advancing monitored care

Qualcomm Life is teaming-up with AMC Health to accelerate the transformation of chronic care and population health management by enhancing connectivity and care coordination for at-risk patients, specifically those with heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or COPD. To make this happen, the two companies will integrate Qualcomm Life’s 2net Connectivity Platform with AMC Health’s CareConsole care coordination platform.

AMC Health solutions have been proven to reduce all-cause hospital readmissions by 20%.Qualcomm’s 2net Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile solutions enable seamless capture, transmission and aggregation of biometric data from a wide array of medical devices in near real time. 2net offers increased interoperability and flexibility to capture device data from patients while they are in their homes or on the go, and securely transmit to AMC Health’s CareConsole platform. The CareConsole platform has a sophisticated analytics system that collects, verifies and analyzes patient data, presenting clinically actionable, daily patient information in an easy-to-use format to clinicians via a secure web portal. Additionally, the CareConsole alerts clinicians to emerging health issues, and enables clinical care teams to engage in meaningful patient education based on “real-time” data, and focus on patients needing attention most urgently.

AMC Health solutions have been proven to reduce all-cause hospital readmissions by 20%, reduce costs of care for patients with heart failure and diabetes, and improve blood pressure levels for patients with hypertension. The company is leading the industry in proven clinical outcomes, and their Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

“Combining AMC Health’s 12 years of ‘real-time’ patient management experience with Qualcomm Life’s industry-leading connectivity expertise aims to bring improved health outcomes and care management efficiencies to benefit many more patients,” said Nesim Bildirici, AMC Health’s founder and CEO.