Medisafe adds biometric integration to its medication adherence platform


Global medication management provider Medisafe has begun integrating biofeedback into its platform to allow patients to track and correlate their adherence directly with health outcomes. For the first time, the company claims, patients will be able to visualize in real-time how taking medication or missing a dose impacts important biometrics, such as glucose levels and blood pressure.

“Patients need continuous encouragement that their actions are leading to positive results in order to sustain or accelerate early engagement levels,” said Medisafe’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Jon Michaeli. “For many chronic conditions, Medisafe offers patients early feedback that their efforts are paying off, motivating them to continue taking their medications and undertake other healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes.”

The product enhancement enables Medisafe users to securely input or track biometrics from such devices and apps as WiFi-enabled blood pressure cuffs and glucometers.

Medisafe has recently launched a Feed that provides personalized content, recommendations and interventions based on an individual user’s profile, medication, medical condition, and interaction with the platform.