ONC-certified platform HealthGrid connects care teams and patients

HealthGrid CareNotify

HealthGrid is a new company that wants to improve the communication of patient data to clinicians and patients throughout the care continuum. As a fully-integrated mobile collaboration platform, the end-to-end solution simultaneously satisfies many CMS Meaningful Use Phase 2 (MU2) requirements by securely transmitting summary of care information between providers, while also giving patients and families access to discharge instructions on any mobile device.

The ONC-certified product is comprised of two services, each of which delivers only the data necessary for the specified purpose:

The end-to-end solution simultaneously satisfies many CMS Meaningful Use Phase 2 (MU2) requirements.1. CareNotify is a device-agnostic mobile solution that updates patient families with real-time information about their loved one’s important clinical events, including patient schedules, medication lists, nutritional updates and relevant educational content.

2. CareNarrative, which provides a snapshot view of a patient’s clinical state and allows providers to communicate with each other about patient care. It also supports the dynamic creation and management of hybrid, DIRECT and secure non-DIRECT accounts. Features include integrated task management, notifications and note creation to allow care teams to access critical information across the care continuum.

“Our platform allows all parties to communicate with each other securely in real time, while also sending out alerts, reminders and other messages to patients,” said Chakri Toleti, HealthGrid’s CEO. “It bridges the discrete elements in the care pathway and smoothes the often harsh transitions between providers and patients.”

Founded by veteran healthcare IT entrepreneurs, Raj Toleti and Chakri Toleti, HealthGrid has already been deployed at several major institutional networks, including Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (formerly Miami Children’s Hospital), which is currently using the solution in roughly two-thirds of its departments.