US social network for doctors SERMO expands to the UK

UK Sermo expansion

Social network for doctors SERMO is expanding beyond the US borders to become the “first global medical social network exclusively for physicians.”

SERMO is described as a virtual doctors’ lounge, teaching hospital and international medical conference all rolled into one. Doctors come together online to facilitate discussions, virtual learning and medical crowdsourcing, allowing them to pool into their collective wisdom to solve patient cases.

SERMO is expanding globally starting with the UK, uniting 38,000 UK physicians to the existing US social network of 305,000 US doctors. By the end of this year, the company hopes to expand to multiple other countries, as well.

According to SERMO’s own findings, there are real benefits in connecting all these doctors:In just the past month, doctors spent 37,000 hours on SERMO.

  • 80% of US doctors find value in an international medical social network
  • 85% of doctors from France, Germany, Japan, UK, Brazil, Russia, Canada, China, and India want to join the leading US social network for doctors
  • 83% of UK physicians state that collaborating via a global social network will help them solve challenging patient cases more effectively

In just the past month, doctors spent 37,000 hours on SERMO. Over the last year, 3,500 challenging patient cases were posted by doctors. These cases were viewed 700,000 times and received 50,000 comments. Best of all, most patient cases get responses within 1.5 hours and are resolved within 24 hours.

“Medical crowdsourcing is transforming healthcare and the appetite for virtual collaboration among doctors is growing,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of SERMO. “When we grow the network globally, this type of collaboration will only increase exponentially.”