Apple Watch getting sleep tracking, few other health feature soon?

Apple Watch getting sleep tracking

Apple is working to add new features to its Apple Watch wearable, 9to5Mac is reporting. Among the new capabilities users can expect in the (near?) future are few that provide additional health-based benefits.

The report says the Cupertino-based company may add the ability to track blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Sleep tracking is also among the planned features, though that one doesn’t seem as useful due to the device’s one-day battery life — users may prefer to charge the Apple Watch rather than use it to track their sleep.

Some of these capabilities should’ve been included right from the get-go, but Apple reportedly decided not to pursue them due to possible regulatory issues, that could require clearance from the government agencies.

Additionally, Apple Watch users will also get the “Find My Watch” button that will not only allow them to easily locate their smart watch, but also to remotely lock, wipe, and track their device.

It is unclear when an update with these features will be released, though.