HelpAround launches personal Alert button app

Alert app

HelpAround, which is known for its Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network, launched a new app that is first of its kind to “act in real-time on incoming Apple HealthKit data.”

Called Alert, the application is also available for Android where it won’t get readings from Apple’s platform, but will serve the same purpose – immediately notify the user to send an alert when an incoming glucose reading is outside of a predefined range.

When used on the iPhone, the Alert app acts in real-time on incoming Apple HealthKit data.Additionally, Alert lets users with any chronic condition caught in physical or emotional distress to manually alert and conference-in their most trusted contacts, so as to troubleshoot the situation together.

“With Diabetes Helpers, we saw thousands of strangers stepping up to help each other, but we also learned how much fear our users cope with,” said Yishai Knobel, HelpAround founder and CEO. “We recognized that in times of trouble it is imperative for anyone to be able to easily reach the most trusted people in their lives.”

The Alert can be started by a simple shake of the phone to initiate an alert; or, a user can tap the big red alert button. Then he/she has a 5-second buffer after which the application will send a text message with the user’s exact location to the three trusted helpers and initiate a conference call with all of them.

The basic app is available for free, and includes the text message service and three conference calls. An upgraded subscription is available for $9.95 a month and includes unlimited calls. The company expects to release an Apple Watch version of the app later in the year.