Cigna Envoy app now allows users to submit their claims from their smartphones

Cigna Envoy app

Cigna Envoy mobile app has been updated to allow customers of Cigna Global Health Benefits to submit a claim for processing using their smartphones. Thanks to the new features, customers can take a picture of their claim and submit it to begin processing it. Not only is it easier, it’s also faster and more convenient. On average, a claim submitted through a smartphone is completed within four minutes; whereas a claim submitted online takes an average of 10 minutes according to Cigna data.

“Customers told us they wanted the ability to submit claims using their smartphones. They’re on the go quite a lot and need an easy and convenient way to start the claims process,” said Robyn Cameron, senior vice president, Cigna Global Health Benefits. “In today’s technology driven world, people typically don’t leave home without their smartphone, so building the capability for customers to take a picture of their claim and submit it through their smartphone was imperative.”

Depending on their preference, customers can submit claims in a variety of ways including through their smartphone, online at or in a more traditional paper-based mail format.

The Cigna Envoy mobile app is available as a free download for iOS and Android platforms.