Company working on dermal thermometer for diabetic foot ulcers

MR3 Health

San Antonio-based MR3 Health is looking to launch an FDA-cleared dermal thermometer for diabetics at risk of foot ulcers, MedCityNews is reporting. The company acquired the rights to the thermometer from Xilas Medical last year, and is in the midst of a fundraise to develop a monitoring platform for high risk patients to spot signs of trouble before they need to be hospitalized.

One complication from diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, which reduces sensitivity in the feet and makes it more difficult to sense a foot ulcer. Those patients are better off using these kinds of alarms than fall detection devices. In that sense, MR3 Health hopes to get insurers and other payors to use its technology to prevent hospitalizations and reduce costs.

Said thermometer feeds MR3’s database and call center, and when temperature readings go beyond the safety parameters – the system triggers a response from MR3 to the insurer and the patient is contacted.

MR3 Health is looking to raise funds to set up call center, manufacturing, sales, and communications units. The company currently has a staff of four with plans to expand to 10 people by year’s end, and eventually grow to 30 employees by the end of 2016.