Intersystems Healthshare to integrate with Validic’s digital health platform

Validic ecosystem

Provider of interoperability and connected health solution Intersystems will integrate Validic’s digital health platform into its HealthShare suite of products. Validic provides a solution that brings together user-generated data from wearable and mobile health devices and apps enabling other companies to use all that data to efficiently manage the health of large populations.

Integrating data from Validic’s platform will provide caregivers with greater insight into patient activities outside of the hospital.The Validic digital health platform will enable HealthShare to incorporate data generated outside of the caregiver setting back into the patient’s clinical record. Integrating data from mobile health and clinical in-home devices will provide caregivers with greater insight into patient activities outside of the hospital and a more holistic view of a patient’s health.

“Validic’s industry-leading digital health platform expands our comprehensive care record, which is used to coordinate care across hospitals, primary care providers, payers and home care,” said Joe DeSantis, Vice President of HealthShare Platforms. “Validic will provide our HealthShare suite of products with greater access to patient data that can be used to provide actionable insights for better patient outcomes. Their solution is client-focused, easy to work with, and efficient.”

Since launching in 2010, Validic has grown its client reach to over 160 million lives in 47 countries. Its FDA Class I Medical Device Data System (MDDS) delivers standardized and HIPAA-compliant patient health data from an array of consumer and medical grade devices and apps.