LA Dodgers Accelerator launches with 10 startups, 2 digital health focused

Kinduct Performance

LA Dodgers, a baseball team, is looking to benefit from new technologies, and has in that sense teamed-up with ad agency R/GA to launch an accelerator with 10 startups. Two of these startups are digital health focused – FocusMotion and Kinduct.

The three-month accelerator works with companies that are focused on the intersection of sports, technology, entertainment, and media. The LA-based program will help startups with partnerships and distribution, and provide other strategic support. In addition, startups in the program will receive $120,000 in funding.

FocusMotion developed software that helps athletes monitor and analyze their movement with wearable devices. The solution uses pattern recognition to learn, identify, and count the user’s movement. Based on this data, FocusMotion will help the user understand when they have poor form or feel fatigue to prevent overtraining. Beyond sports and training, this technology could also help in physical therapy.

Kinduct, on the other hand, provides a health and fitness data management platform called Kinduct Performance. It helps teams track athletes, while providing healthcare organizations with patient engagement tools, and allowing physical therapists to offer medical education and exercise prescription tools. Kinduct will also sing along wearable devices, and get input from statistics feeds, assessment results, staff notes, and then visualizes the data collected to compare an athlete’s performance against benchmarks and/or over time. The hope is that this information will allow users to create custom assessments and programs that help the coaching staff and athletes stay on track.

[Via: mobihealthnews]