Pathway Genomics launches $99 genetic test

PathwayFit Promo

Pathway Genomics launched a limited time pricing of $99 for its Pathway Fit genetic test, which analyzes over 75 genetic markers known to impact metabolism, exercise, and energy consumption use within the human body. The test is a personalized nutrigenomic profile that provides individualized information to physicians and their patients in order to help them understand how genetics and lifestyle may impact their diet, nutrition, and exercise.

“Pathway Fit was developed with the global obesity issue in mind as a way to help individuals combat the disease,” said Ardy Arianpour, Pathway Genomics’ Chief Commercial Officer. “We believe in giving patients the tools to optimize their mental and physical performance in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle; with this $99 promotion on Pathway Fit, we are giving patients the opportunity to reach their performance goals.”

The test provides individualized information to users so they could understand how genetics and lifestyle may impact their diet, nutrition, and exercise.Studies have shown that people on a genetically appropriate diet can lose significantly more weight, compared to those on a diet not based on genetics. By providing patients with information about which diet is most appropriate for them based on their genetic profile, Pathway Fit aims to assist users in meeting both their weight loss and overall health goals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one billion adults and 42 million children are overweight or obese, with nearly three million people dying each year as the result of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease caused by their weight.

The special $99 price is available when the test is requested through Pathway’s mobile app using a physician designated by Pathway. The Pathway Genomics app is available on Android and iOS.