WellSpan Health

WellSpan Health, Helix team up over a new population genomics program

The program is designed to improve patient healthcare outcomes by integrating genetic insights into clinical care and research.
Genomic NFT

Artist Akon, Harvard Medical School professor George Church, Nebula Genomics, and AkoinNFT to launch...

By auctioning off a genome as an NFT, they hope to kick-start a conversation around fair and transparent ways to monetize and share health data.
Nebula genome sequencing

Nebula Genomics launches 30x whole-genome sequencing for $299

The most affordable personal genome sequencing is now available in 188 countries.
AncestryHealth service

AncestryHealth launched to offer actionable health insights

The offering includes two services: AncestryHealth Core, a one-time, array-based service; and AncestryHealth Plus, a membership service using NGS technology.
23andMe diabetes test

23andMe adds type 2 diabetes screening to its Health & Ancestry test

The diabetes risk was calculated from the analysis of data 23andMe collected from more than 2.5 million customers who opted in to its research.
Genomind interface

DrChrono, Genomind team-up to let doctors order personalized genetic tests for doctors

When a physician orders test kits through the DrChrono EHR platform, it will capture patient demographics and applicable clinical information.

Alexa-powered OptraGURU launches as the first conversational digital genetic assistant

It aims to change the way consumers, genetic counselors, and scientists interact with genetic data and how they engage with genetic testing providers.
Illumina Accelerator

Helix, Illumina Accelerator team-up to foster development of DNA-powered products

Select startups will have access to Helix's team of experts in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics, applied genomics, regulatory affairs and more.

Lose It!’s embodyDNA launched as the first in-app DNA-based weight loss plan

Developed in collaboration with Helix, the feature offers customized recommendations on food/beverage consumption and physical activities.
Helix marketplace

Helix launches online marketplace for DNA-powered products

Accessible from Helix.com, the marketplace was created in partnership with a disparate group of companies, app makers and healthcare institutions.