precisionFDA to enable genomic researchers to collaborate

The platform will enable next generation sequencing (NGS) researchers to share and cross-validate their tests/results against crowd-sourced reference material.

MedGenome raises $20M Series B to expand its genomics research services

The company will use the funds to build its bioinformatics infrastructure, enhance sequencing facilities, and expand its research and scientific teams.

AncestryDNA, Calico team-up to research the genetics of human lifespan

The two parties will explore the role of genetics and its influences in families experiencing unusual longevity using Ancestry's databases, tools and algorithms.
Ancestry Health

Ancestry launches AncestryHealth, says AncestryDNA has surpassed 1M people tested

The first offering is a free service, that allows users to compile their family health history information with the help of their Ancestry family tree.

23andMe raises $79M to spur its drug development business

Toward the same goal, the company has recently hired Genentech veterans Robert Gentleman and Richard Scheller, who led drug discovery there.

Google, Broad Institute partner to help improve DNA analysis

The two parties will be working together to improve DNA analysis and help cure diseases through personalized healthcare based on an individual's DNA makeup.
Tute Genomics

Tute Genomics closes additional Series A1 funding

Intermountain Healthcare, Healthbox and Tencent provided the capital, helping the company's efforts to enable genome-guided, individualized medicine.
Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience raises $37M Series C from Illumina

The fresh capital will allow the company to accelerate into a beta commercial launch this fall; the money will also go towards enhancing the user experience.
BaseHealth API

BaseHealth API allows developers to integrate genomic data into their apps

Built on the BaseHealth assessment engine, the API leverages genomic data, clinical and behavioral analysis to provide evidence-based health assessments.
Precision BioSciences

Precision BioSciences raises $25.6 million Series A

The financing will help the company develop the next-gen genome editing platform and significantly accelerate the development of its product pipeline.