Alexa-powered OptraGURU launches as the first conversational digital genetic assistant


A company called Optra Health announced what it calls a revolutionary new business solution — OptraGURU — which harnesses genetic data from corporate and public data silos, and combines it with AI and conversational technologies like Amazon Alexa, to give genetic testing organizations the ability to offer a personalized and engaging service to their consumers. Also, the service is made to help genetic counselors and scientists, as well.

In the backend, OptraGURU relies on Optra Health’s iPhronesis AI platform and its advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Deep Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, combined with an extensive ontological library of over 65 million unique concepts, to provide users with the ability to access their personal genetic reports via their provider, simply by asking Alexa. Once accessed, OptraGURU communicates the results in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. Consumers can also engage in a conversation with OptraGURU to get detailed answers about their results.

In addition to end-users, Optra Health is also targeting genetic testing organizations for its latest offering, enabling them to deploy OptraGURU to their genetic counselors engaged in family screening. This in turn allows counselors to access and compare reports across an entire family and keep up-to-speed with the latest research. Furthermore, OptraGURU can be used by bioinformaticians and scientists involved in data analysis to conversationally interrogate raw data and gather more evidence prior to report generation.

“The convergence of artificial intelligence, conversational technologies like Alexa, and an ever-increasing availability of data is having a transformative effect on how research and clinical results are delivered and communicated,” Optra Health Co-founder and CEO Gauri Naik said in a statement. “The possibilities of using OptraGURU and Ai platforms like iPhronesis in combination with extensive public and private data sets, will advance research and improve the consumer experience. We look forward to making OptraGURU accessible to genetic testing organizations that are interested in providing more value through a personalized, digital approach.”