COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant

CPSI, QliqSOFT to provide CPSI customers with COVID-19 vaccination assistance

QliqSOFT's chatbot technology will be used to power COVID-19 vaccination administration support.
WhatsApp WHO Health Alerts

The official WHO Health Alert launches on WhatsApp

The free app answers questions from the public about Coronavirus and gives prompt, reliable and official information 24 hours a day, worldwide.
corona virus

Blue Shield of California offers coronavirus digital triage tool to network health systems

The innovative system is customized by each hospital's emergency response plan and can be implemented on hospital websites in 48 hours.
Amazon Alexa HIPAA skills

Amazon Alexa is now HIPAA compliant

Also announced were six Alexa healthcare skills from leading healthcare providers, payors, pharmacy benefit managers and digital health coaching companies.
Sopris Assistant

Sopris Assistant delivers clinic notes in 45 seconds or less!

The solution proved in clinics to create a time reduction and ease of use unparalleled by other documentation solutions.
clinical trial

Microsoft’s bot aims to match patients to clinical trials

The Clinical Trials Bot lets patients and doctors search for studies related to a disease and then answer a succession of text questions.

Alexa-powered OptraGURU launches as the first conversational digital genetic assistant

It aims to change the way consumers, genetic counselors, and scientists interact with genetic data and how they engage with genetic testing providers.
Woebot app

New Facebook Messenger chatbot launches to improve mental health

Woebot is dubbed an accessible, personalized, and affordable treatment option for the millions of people suffering from mood-based mental illness.