Sopris Assistant delivers clinic notes in 45 seconds or less!

Sopris Assistant

Sopris Health, which is an intelligent clinical operations platform that enables providers to focus on human conversations while benefiting from the support of intelligent systems, is launching a new chat-interface documentation solution that delivers a clinic note in 45 seconds or less.

“After a year in clinics across the country, tens of thousands of clinic notes and working alongside some of the most reputable medical institutions in the country, Sopris Assistant has demonstrated we’re able to complete documentation in between visits, allowing clinicians to finalize a clinic note before walking into the next exam room,” Patrick Leonard, CEO and co-founder of Sopris Health, said in a statement. “Delivering real value to our customers means delivering a clinic note in the time it takes to move onto their next patient – 45 seconds or less – without the cognitive load.”

Now available on iOS to U.S. physicians and healthcare providers, Sopris Assistant proved in clinics to create a time reduction and ease of use unparalleled by other documentation solutions. It also drove workflow efficiencies and significantly lessened the feeling of burnout.

Providers use face or touch to securely authenticate and open the Sopris Assistant app, then tap the selected patient from a list imported via EHR integration. The Sopris Assistant walks the provider through an interactive chat interface, asking to:

  • Select the type of visit – a visit model created and vetted by specialty
  • Answer minimal questions via voice, text or trained “chips” that intuitively suggest appropriate, common answers – the software will continually learn over time, making new suggestions specific to the user
  • Review the clinic note automatically generated by Sopris Assistant and submit to EHR

The Sopris Health team worked closely with its clinical advisory board to train the assistant to know the questions it needs to ask and to know how to complete the documentation.

The broad expertise helped underscore the quality of content and experience, ultimately helping to release a product that works in real-time and is fully automated. As such, Sopris Assistant compresses 5-10 minutes of documentation per visit down to 45 seconds or less — with only a positive impact to patient experience, patient panel and workflow.