CPSI, QliqSOFT to provide CPSI customers with COVID-19 vaccination assistance

QliqSOFT's chatbot technology will be used to power COVID-19 vaccination administration support.

COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant

Community healthcare solutions company CPSI and QliqSOFT, which specializes in HIPPA-compliant clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions, are launching a new COVID-19 Vaccination Assistant chatbot that will be made available to all CPSI customers in early 2021 to provide efficient, complete vaccination administration workflows.

Why does it matter

QliqSOFT and CPSI are collaborating to release the COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant, a chatbot designed to address anticipated vaccine rollout concerns facing healthcare providers during the pandemic.

The chatbot’s features allow it to address vaccine hesitancy through the use of an easily accessible and patient-focused Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module, provide an in-chat option for patients to self-schedule their vaccination and receive reminders in advance to meet vaccine administration compliance and efficacy, provide transportation assistance when available through patients’ mobile devices, and capture necessary consents and digital proof of vaccination should such proof be required for an event, facility, or employment access.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant will support both single- and multi-dose vaccinations.

On the record

“The COVID-19 vaccines will only be effective if people take them,” said Krishna Kurapati, founder and CEO of QliqSOFT. “This new chatbot allows healthcare organizations to automate education and follow-up to alleviate vaccine hesitancy, while also providing multiple touch points to remove hurdles and ensure follow-through.”

“The highest level of success of the COVID-19 vaccination program not only depends on the effectiveness of the vaccine itself, but also requires accurate and timely education, administration, and documentation,” added William J. Hayes, M.D., M.B.A., chief medical officer of CPSI.

The context

The COVID-19 Vaccination Assistant is part of an ever-growing suite of patient-focused chatbots that dovetail into CPSI’s industry-leading patient engagement capabilities. CPSI began providing a highly successful COVID-19 Toolkit to its customers in March 2020, powered by QliqSOFT, to assist in providing business continuity and safe patient care in response to the pandemic.