Ellume COVID 19 self-test

FDA greenlights Ellume COVID-19 Home Test

The test demonstrated 96% accuracy in a multi-site US clinical study of both adults and children 2 years and above.

British Tech company launches “Fit To Fly” health passport for air travel – VPassport

The company also warns airlines of a serious threat to air travel security from fake Covid test certificates & health passports with unsecure QR codes.
COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant

CPSI, QliqSOFT to provide CPSI customers with COVID-19 vaccination assistance

QliqSOFT's chatbot technology will be used to power COVID-19 vaccination administration support.
Quiz PCR Biochip

Singapore medtech company launches portable genetic test for COVID-19

Using a nasal swab or saliva specimen, this portable genetic test uses biotechnology to determine in minutes, anywhere, if a person has COVID-19 or not.
Covid19 Employee HealthCheck tool

Northwell Direct, Conversa offer a COVID-19 screening tool for New York schools and employers

With the COVID-19 HealthCheck, employees use a simple conversational chat to check for exposure to the coronavirus and get a digital "badge" when cleared.
Google Travel updated for COVID-19

Google Travel gets COVID-related health and safety info

When you search on Google for information about hotels, flights or things to do - you can easily check to see if there's a COVID-19 travel advisory...

Cleveland Clinic makes its COVID-19 risk model available to all Epic EHR users

Healthcare organizations can present the clinically validated model to patients in Epic's MyChart to assess their risk of having COVID-19.
telehealth survey

Survey: 44% of Americans have used telehealth during COVID-19 pandemic

The data reveals multitasking during appointments, including checking social media and playing video games.
Oxford rapid diagnostic test for Covid-19

Oxford scientists develop a 5-minute COVID-19 test

The method is able to differentiate with high accuracy SARS-CoV-2 from negative clinical samples, as well as from other common respiratory pathogens.
CommonPass - COVID-19 Test Confirmation

CommonPass launches to enable safer travel and accelerate border reopenings

Trials will begin between 4 cities with Cathay Pacific and United Airlines, enabling travelers to start sharing certified COVID-19 tests across borders.