Truepill launches employer-cooperative COVID-19 workplace safety platform

The COVID-19 digital testing and treatment platform will help employees at HTA Member companies safely and effectively transition back to worksites.


Truepill — which is the digital health platform powering consumer health experiences through diagnostics, telehealth and pharmacy infrastructure — is teaming-up with the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a cooperative of 58 of America’s leading employers that have come together to fix our broken healthcare system – To launch the first employer-cooperative COVID-19 workplace safety platform. As a result, the COVID-19 digital testing and treatment platform will help employees at HTA Member companies safely and effectively transition back to physical worksites.

Powered by Truepill’s digital solutions and APIs, the platform delivers an end-to-end, consumer-friendly experience by providing employees access to COVID-19 testing, clinical care and medication delivery — all from the comfort of their home or place of work. In the coming months, Truepill plans to add vaccination rollout to the platform capabilities as well. Comprehensive and flexible, the COVID-19 workplace safety platform empowers employers with large-scale digital solutions to meet their specific needs.

How does it work?

Through an initial consultation with Truepill, employers will establish their preferred testing type, frequency, site and paradigm. Employers can then quickly launch and scale an affordable, customized program to establish and maintain a safe work environment. The platform not only helps employers manage costs and boost productivity, but provides employees with the peace of mind they deserve as they prepare to head back to in-person workplaces.

In addition, the HTA recently launched a proprietary “Return to Work Safely” Initiative to help guide employers on key issues and considerations in a safe return to work. Through this new initiative, and its partnership with Truepill, the HTA is helping its Member Owner companies create effective strategies considering many COVID-19 challenges and issues.

Truepill’s COVID-19 workplace safety platform includes:

  • Rapid antigen test for at-home or worksite use, with results available in under 20 minutes
  • RT-PCR at-home or worksite sample collection kits, with results available within 48 – 72 hours
  • Reporting as required by federal and state health agencies
  • Capacity to process 100,000 test kits per day
  • Tests sourced, packed and shipped directly by Truepill
  • Vaccination rollout (coming soon)

In addition to testing, the platform’s comprehensive solution currently includes a white-label web portal. Within the portal, employees can easily view their personal dashboard denoting test status, results and pending actions to be taken as required by their employer.

Likewise, an employer dashboard provides HR and relevant stakeholders with both high-level and granular insights so they can seamlessly manage employee care. Employer portal capabilities include test ordering for individual employees and bulk orders for worksites, individual, site-specific and aggregate level analytics with visibility to the status of individual tests from registration to result, as well as contact tracing assistance. Additional services available include dedicated telehealth provider access and pharmacy delivery for patients who test positive.

On the record

“There is omnipresent fear and anxiety by all US employees and their families about returning to work,” said Nadina J. Rosier, PharmD, Chief Product Officer & General Manager of Pharmaceutical Solutions, Health Transformation Alliance. “The incorporation of Truepill’s workplace safety platform into our HTA ‘Return to Work Safely’ Initiative is one more step we’re taking to putting the minds of our Member Owners, their employees, and their families at ease. Our only regret is that every company in America cannot take advantage of this right now.”

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the demand for digital healthcare skyrocket as consumers increasingly seek out alternatives to traditional care, such as telehealth, at-home lab testing and pharmacy delivery,” said Sid Viswanathan, Co-Founder and President of Truepill. “As we move forward, one of the largest opportunities we face is ensuring employees feel comfortable returning to in-person worksites. Building upon the digital health solutions we’ve all come to rely on at home, we are delivering an end-to-end workplace platform that provides safety, confidence and comfort to on-site employees. We are proud to take on this opportunity in partnership with HTA and to be a part of their ‘Return to Work Safely’ program, providing their Member-Owners with deep insights and guidance in a safe return to work, while mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

The context

A pair of Harvard economists estimates that the coronavirus pandemic will cost the nation at least $16 trillion if it ends by fall 2021 — timing they describe as “optimistic” — and say that a number that large justifies interventions such as a coordinated nationwide program of testing and contact tracing that would save 30 times its cost.

In that sense, this partnership between Truepill and Health Transformation Alliance could help speed things up, eventually getting the economy back on the right track.