Northwell Health and Aegis Ventures launch Ascertain, a healthcare AI company creation platform

The platform brings $100 million in seed-stage funding and permanent long-term growth capital to systematically launch healthcare AI companies at scale.
Higi mobile app

Babylon integrates its AI-powered Symptom Checker into Higi’s mobile app

This opens a new channel for proactive self-care health engagement for Higi's thousands of U.S. app users.
Tackling tuberculosis screening with AI

Using AI for tuberculosis screening

Diagnosing TB early is difficult because its symptoms can mimic those of common respiratory diseases.
Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

Google demos an AI-powered dermatology assist tool

It was designed to help users understand what's going on with issues related to the body's largest organ: their skin, hair and nails.
Mia breast screening AI

Kheiron’s breast screening AI Mia could help radiologists detect the breast cancer

The results on 40,000+ mammograms showed that if Mia is introduced, the overall double reading recall rate is 4-5% and the cancer detection rate is 8.4 per 1000.
EchoGo Core on tablet

Ultromics, Mayo Clinic to use AI to improve diagnosis of heart failure

The team will use AI analysis of ultrasound heart scans to identify the markers of heart failure and develop an image analysis risk prediction model.
AI for Health

Microsoft launches the $40M, five-year AI for Health program

The program aims to empower researchers and organizations with AI to improve the health of people and communities around the world.
NHS sign

NHS to set up a national AI lab

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, announced £250m will be spent on boosting the role of AI within the health service.
AI in healthcare

Research: Half of hospital decision-makers plan to invest in AI by 2021

The study, conducted by Olive AI, explored how hospital leaders aim to drive efficiency and reduce costs through investments in non-clinical technologies.
CTA AI in health

CTA launches an initiative to improve efficiencies in AI and healthcare

Among the working group members are companies such as AT&T, Doctor on Demand, Fitbit, Google, IBM, Osso VR, Philips, Samsung, Validic and Verizon.