This company uses AI to spot concussions

Brightlamp has developed an app that relies on deep learning to spot concussions in those who've been hit hard in the head.

Viz launches AI-powered tool to identify strokes

The solution uses machine learning to identify anomalies in brain scans that even physicians have a hard time spotting.
Ada AI app

AI-powered doctor app and telemedicine service Ada launches in the UK

The app aims to help users work out what symptoms they have and offer them information on what might be the cause.
Alexa Diabetes Challenge

Alexa Diabetes Challenge launched to make life easier for diabetics

The contest invites developers to create apps that use Amazon's Alexa voice-enabled technology and Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to help patients recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
Amazon Echo

HealthTap brings Doctor A.I. to Amazon Alexa

Users will get a feel of a sympathetic physician who will ask intelligible, dynamically generated questions in natural language.
Neura AI app

Neura uses AI to improve medication adherence

The company's SaaS offering will adapt to each user's needs, helping them change their behavior, follow doctor's orders more closely, and build healthier habits.

Baidu shuts down its mHealth unit, to focus on AI services instead

Said mHealth unit provided online hospital appointment booking services, online consultations with doctors, and online booking of pharmacy deliveries.
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative acquires Toronto-based AI startup

Together with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Meta will work to make its AI platform available to the wider scientific community to improve the speed at which scientists and clinicians gain access to relevant research.
Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning gets $40M for its cognitive computing tech

Funds will be used to accelerate R&D in advanced audio and image analysis, data science and new solutions across enterprise, government and healthcare markets.
YourMD - OneStop Health

Your.MD’s OneStop Health uses AI to help users find health products and services

The service will help users with a range of services from understanding their symptoms to finding the best treatment -- all via a chatbot.