PDR launches revamped mobilePDR app

PDR Search app

PDR — which is a leading provider of drug information, prescriber communications, and behavior-based patient and consumer health information — launched a completely reimagined mobilePDR app for iOS and Android devices. Part of the Physicians’ Desk Reference suite of services, the application features timely updates to all drug information.

“The new mobilePDR provides actionable health information that matters, in the moment it is needed, to help providers make efficient, informed prescribing decisions for their patients,” said Mark Heinold, CEO of PDR.

mobilePDR gives healthcare providers (HCPs) confidence in their prescribing choices whenever, wherever those decisions are being made. Prescribing information is developed and updated continually by PDR’s team of PharmD clinicians, using the latest FDA-approved drug information to ensure that HCPs have accurate and informed drug information at their fingertips.

The application includes drug summaries, drug-to-drug comparisons and interactions, and pill identification capabilities. It is now available at no cost for all US HCPs from the Apple App Store and Google Play.