WellDoc, Samsung and OTN launch a pilot for patients with type 2 diabetes

WellDoc BlueStar S

WellDoc and Samsung are launching a new program in Canada through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) to demonstrate the value of integrating a self-management tool and lifestyle tracking into the type 2 diabetes treatment standard of care. The program will include a minimum of 300 people living with type 2 diabetes who will receive a prescription of BlueStar-S from their healthcare provider.

BlueStar, the first FDA-cleared mobile prescription therapy, will integrate with Samsung S Health by offering OTN program participants a solution that includes lifestyle tracking and self-management improvement. BlueStar enables adults with type 2 diabetes to improve self-management through real-time guidance based on blood glucose levels and their medication treatment plan. The offering, called BlueStar-S, combines personal fitness goals and health metric tracking with S Health, while allowing users to track eating, exercise, and sleep.

WellDoc views this innovative partnership as a model for global expansion, and the success of this program will demonstrate that integration of BlueStar-S in the treatment paradigm will improve engagement, self-management and outcomes.

“By working with Samsung, WellDoc has an opportunity to make a real impact in bettering the lives of the millions of people that are living with type 2 diabetes each day,” said Kevin McRaith, CEO of WellDoc.