Windows 10 for medical devices, Internet of Things unveiled

Windows 10 IoT Core

Devices comprising Internet of Things will have a special version of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced. Called Windows 10 IoT Core, this release will lack many of the features its bigger brother has, but will make sure an array of devices can connect to each other, whether these devices have screen or not.

The Redmond giant hopes to replace an array of different, embedded operating systems with a single solution that would put its platform in the center of the (Internet of Things) universe. It is by no means the only contender to that position with Google eyeing the same opportunity with Android.

Windows 10 IoT Core includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth right from the get-go.In the healthcare setting, Microsoft would like to see ECG, ultrasound, X-Ray, CT and MRI machines all running Windows 10 IoT Core, and the same goes for any number of wearable devices, most of which rely either on proprietary platforms or, in the case of smart watches, Android Wear.

Windows 10 IoT Core includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth right from the get-go, enabling connectivity with other devices in the room. Also, it will make sure mobile apps can pull in or send data to nearby devices.

Now we just have to see some big company opting in to use Microsoft’s platform. And in that sense, we’re sure they’re pitching medical device makers left and right as we speak. We’ll bring you more on this as soon as we get some additional information. Stay tuned in the meantime.