Apple Watch getting firmware update on Sept. 16, already has over 10,000 apps

Apple watchOS 2

Apple’s entrance to the wearables space is a promising one. During its big event on Wednesday, the company announced some promising things regarding the Apple Watch.

First, we’ve learned that developers have already made more than 10,000 apps for the Watch, making it WatchOS the single most popular wearable platform to date.

Second, new styles have been added, including Gold and Rose gold color options for the Sport edition. Also, the Cupertino-based giant has collaborated with premium fashion company Hermes to deliver a new strap made of hand-stitched leather. There are also a bunch of new straps in different colors and materials, as well as a model with stainless steel case and a red band that is part of Apple’s RED campaign.

Finally, Apple announced WatchOS 2.0 which will bring a number of new features, including:

  • New watch face with timelapse background.
  • Third party complications that will allow users to check things like latest news and airline departure times from third party apps.
  • Time travel – uses the Apple Watch crown to show the day ahead (calendar appointments).
  • Transit – which gives live updates on public transport in limited number of cities.
  • GoPro integration – that enables the Apple Watch to show what the GoPro is looking at.

The new Apple Watch offerings are available starting today in 24 countries, while the WatchOS 2.0 update is coming on September 16.