Sense4Baby app comes to the Apple Watch, the company’s website can’t cope with the traffic

Apple Watch AirStrip

The power of Apple has been discussed a lot in the past. Ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone — and probably a bit earlier — whenever Cupertino guys (and gals) have something new to announce, the [tech] world doesn’t care about anything else [but Apple]. And then… boom… everyone starts talking about Apple’s latest invention putting all other products in the background… at least that’s what most media outlets do.

Yesterday, at Apple’s product unveiling, AirStrip’s co-founder Dr. Cameron Powell had a chance to present the Sense4Baby app for the Apple Watch and guess what — AirStrip’s website was crashed. It couldn’t handle all of the traffic it was suddenly faced with. Their servers were not meant to cope with the “Apple power.” The company received product inquiries from close to 20 “large providers” within three hours of the event, though.

The mentioned Sense4Baby app runs both on the Apple Watch and iPhone to connect to the Sense4Baby portable device upcoming mothers place on their stomach. That device “hears” baby’s heart beats and beams that information to a connected mobile device. From there, it gets routed to the Watch, allowing expectant moms to hear their baby’s heartbeat. It’s that simple, yet it’s also pretty powerful, especially for complicated pregnancies.

Sense4Baby can reduce risk by accelerating decision-making and intervention, while allowing doctors to send messages to expectant moms’ wrists.According to AirStrip, Sense4Baby can “reduce risk by accelerating decision-making and intervention,” and with the help of the Apple Watch, doctors are able to quickly send a message to the pregnant woman’s wrist. This, of course, presumes that said hospital uses the AirStrip ONE solution, which is described as a “mobile interoperability platform that enables care collaboration and health system innovation without boundaries.”

AirStrip acquired Sense4Baby in March of 2014. Later that year, the company raised $25 million in a strategic funding round led by the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund, Sequoia Capital and Wellcome Trust.

Beyond North America, AirStrip is looking to expand to Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Life Monitor.

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