Sense4Baby makes an FDA-cleared and CE-marked portable maternal/fetal heart rate monitoring system that works with mobile devices to perform non-stress testing (NST) for high-risk pregnancies during the antepartum period.

Apple Watch AirStrip

Sense4Baby app comes to the Apple Watch, the company’s website can’t cope with the...

Said app runs both on the Apple Watch and iPhone to connect to the Sense4Baby device upcoming mothers place on their stomach to hear their baby's heart beats.

Sense4Baby receives FDA clearance for patient self-administration

Sense4Baby already has FDA's 510(k) clearance for use accompanied by medical professionals, as well as EU's CE mark for self-administration, including the home.

AirStrip, Telenatal team-up over Sense4Baby distribution

The duo will bring the remote maternal and fetal monitoring system to 13 countries, including Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Turkey.
AirStrip acquires Sense4Baby

AirStrip acquires Sense4Baby, maker of the wireless fetal/maternal monitoring system for high-risk pregnancies

The patient data from the Sense4Baby system will be mobilized using AirStrip ONE, which can "handle" information from multiple sources and care settings.