Smart ear thermometer Tympani connects to the phone’s audio jack for power


A company called Caring Things has turned to crowdfunding website Indiegogo to get pre-orders for its smart ear thermometer, Tympani. What makes this device unique is that it doesn’t have a battery of its own, and is rather getting the little juice it needs from a connected smartphone’s audio jack.

Tympani is an infrared thermometer that connects to the iPhone and Android-based devices to deliver enhanced features, such as wellness tracking, health journal, and telehealth integration. Also, it promises accurate and consistent temperature readings in just 2 seconds.

Tympani allows users to select emoji’s for quick symptom tracking or enter detailed notes into the Caring Things Health Journal. It is a CE certified class 2 medical device, and will be cleared by the FDA within 4 months of the campaign completion.

Tympani has managed to surpass a relatively modest goal of raising $10,000, and ship to backers by the end of this year.Tympani has managed to surpass a relatively modest goal of raising $10,000, and is well on its way to enter production and eventually ship to backers by the end of this year. A single Tympani unit can be pre-ordered for $25, and the package also includes a soft-shell carrying case, along with the Caring Things companion app.

Going forward, Caring Things plans to develop a line of smart healthcare devices for consumers that are designed to “enhance telehealth and allow consumers to maintain a personal medical record.”

“Indiegogo will continue to be our go-to platform for launching new Caring Things products,” said the company’s co-founder, Ryan McManus. “We are currently in development of additional healthcare devices that will be announced in the coming months and they will all integrate into one app.”