AirStrip secures $25M to expand its mHealth services


AirStrip has raised $25 million in a strategic funding round led by the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund, Sequoia Capital and Wellcome Trust that includes some of the most influential leaders in healthcare. Also participating were Dignity Health, a current AirStrip customer and one of the nation’s largest health care systems; St. Joseph Health (SJH), another AirStrip customer and not-for-profit health system; and Leerink Partners, a leading investment bank specializing in healthcare.

“The market has responded with great enthusiasm to what we have accomplished to date,” said AirStrip CEO Alan Portela. “We expect to take our mHealth leadership to new levels with upcoming announcements around real-time processing and clinical data analytics. We are honored to announce that some of the most visionary and innovative leaders in healthcare are joining us to deliver on the promise of true mobile interoperability on a global scale.”

The new money will support the continued growth of the patent-protected AirStrip ONE mobile technology solutions, expansion into the home health space, internationalization efforts, and accelerated integration with industry-leading analytics engines.

Hospitals are being overwhelmed by a flood of clinical data from multiple disparate sources, and their legacy IT systems are not equipped to manage the information and make it useful. AirStrip solves this challenge by integrating clinical data and making it accessible on mobile devices, enabling clinicians and health care executives to provide better care, increase efficiency and reduce costs.