CafeWell Health Optimization platform now available within Magellan’s Employee Assistance Program

CafeWell Health Optimization available within Magellan's EAP

CafeWell Health Optimization Platform is now available within Magellan‘s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering to deliver a “personalized and rewarding approach to motivate consumers to become and stay healthy.” Magellan Health, a leader in providing EAP programs to employers across the country, selected CafeWell because of its interactive design and integration capabilities.

“We know that Employee Assistance Programs can help decrease absenteeism and bolster employee retention, but, more importantly, they can also assist employees with identifying and treating behavioral and physical health issues that may impact both their work and personal lives,” said John Chomeau, president of Magellan’s commercial behavioral health business. “CafeWell’s innovative platform is designed to help individuals take control of their well-being, while reducing costs and improving overall population health.”

The CafeWell platform serves as a “holistic hub” that organizes the growing spectrum of health and condition management programs, apps, communities and tracking devices to enable consumers to become actively involved in their health on a daily basis. CafeWell drives engagement with personalized, adaptive plans based on an individual’s health status, benefits, and goals, as well as the intelligent alignment of incentives with targeted health behaviors. Consumers may also receive one-on-one support with video coaches, participate in team challenges, track activity or join social communities. Furthermore, consumers enrolled in Magellan’s employee assistance program may enjoy free, on-demand web and mobile access to the platform.