Johns Hopkins, Luminox set up a digital health accelerator in Israel

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures has inked a multi-year agreement with Israel-based Luminox to set up an accelerator for Israeli digital health startups, among other things.

Luminox calls itself as a digital health hub that helps connect local early stage companies with U.S. institutions, corporate and strategic partners.

As part of the deal, Luminox will set up an investment fund focused for early-stage digital health tech companies that will collaborate with Johns Hopkins’ technology accelerator, FastForward, to commercialize products for the U.S. market. Those accepted to the program will go through the university’s HexciteIL initiative, which involves an intensive, three-month program to identify technology applications, co-develop IP, do prototyping, and conduct sponsored research. They will also be eligible to participate in the entrepreneur in residence program.

Johns Hopkins is also talking with strategic players across the health insurance, pharmaceutical and retail sectors, with the idea to collaborate with the digital health entrepreneurs in the program.

[Via: MedCityNews]