Kyocera’s Daily Support solution looking to tackle chronic conditions

Daily Support system

Like in the U.S., medical costs have been increasing in recent years in Japan. The total amount of national medical expenses in fiscal 2015 was 40 trillion yen (around $333 billion), a 1.8% increase compared to the previous fiscal year; and the annual medical cost per capita was approximately 314,000 yen (around $2,617), a 2% increase compared to the previous fiscal year).

The Japan-only service consists of a wearable device, a companion app and a website for service supporters.Because 30% of medical expenses stem from treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hyper-lipidemia, reconsideration of lifestyles habits can help individuals maintain their health and reduce overall medical costs.

Kyocera is working with The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan to launch a new solution in the country called “Daily Support,” which enables the measurement, management, analysis and feedback on lifestyle-related data for users. By visualizing the lifestyle habits of individuals and providing continuous support, the company believes that it can help promote healthy habits and contribute to the reduction of increasingly high medical expenses. Once released this fall, the service will be provided to companies, health insurance unions and healthcare providers seeking better health management for employees and clients.

Daily Support includes three support tools for users to comprehend their everyday lifestyles on a continuous basis:

Once released this fall, Daily Support will be provided to companies, health insurance unions and healthcare providers seeking better health management for employees and clients.1. Wearable device TSUC – which measures the amount of daily activity as well as other data points that get synced with the user’s smartphone. It comes in few color options, including White, Gray, Light Green, Red and Pink.

2. Daily Support app – that displays the information collected (or submitted) in the easy-to-grasp graphs and charts, including amount of activity, diet, sleep and visceral fat. The application also boasts a ranking system among users, incorporating point-based rewards and enabling users to acquire characters in the app in response to good lifestyle habits.

3. Website for service supporters – from where healthcare professionals can check the activities and data of their users, and send group or individual messages to promote better habits.

In addition, Daily Support will also provide a service for managing blood-related data, thanks to the partnership with Roche Diagnostics K.K. Users will be able to upload data from blood tests conducted at health clinics or companies and receive direct guidance from professionals.

The Daily Support is a Japan-only service and at this moment it is not clear whether it will ever be exported to the Western hemisphere.

Daily Support app