Dallas-based hospital launches asthma tracking app

My Asthma Pal

Dallas, Texas-based hospital Children’s Health has launched a new app to help children track and manage their asthma. Called My Asthma Pal, the application runs of iOS and Android devices, providing children and their parents with access to educational materials about asthma, ability to track their symptoms, set reminders to take medication, share their asthma management plan and control test scores, and view their asthma tracking progress over time.

And that’s just a start; according to the Dallas Business Journal, the hospital is already working on updates to the app that will go beyond manual tracking of asthma to include syncing with a connected peak flow meter via Bluetooth, sending data to the hospital’s MyChart medical record, and offering different data visualizations. It’s unclear when this updated version of My Asthma Pal will be released, but chances are this will be a short wait.

Beyond asthma, Children’s Health is also planning to launch three other apps – one for managing diabetes, on for injury prevention, and one for the hospital’s employees.

[Via: mobihealthnews]