Johns Hopkins, Cincinnati Children’s unveil an app for hydrocephalus patients


Hydrocephalus is a condition caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain; the only way to treat it is through a surgery that inserts a device called a shunt in the brain. However, that surgery often needs to be repeated because of a high failure rate, and as a result – patients with this condition have lengthy medical histories.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery have teamed-up to help with an app developed for the Hydrocephalus Association, called HydroAssist. The application, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones, allows patients to track and view their hydrocephalus treatment history.

The goal, according to HydroAssist makers, is to make lives a bit easier for hydrocephalus patients, allowing them to easily carry their medical history with them, wherever they go.

HydroAssist is made to make lives a bit easier for hydrocephalus patients, allowing them to carry their medical history with them.“I believe that by empowering patients to become managers of their own medical histories with a little help from their physicians and technology, better care can be achieved even for patients that are not able to see the same provider every time,” said Dr. Jesse Skoch, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Using HydroAssist, patients are able to manually enter their treatments, organize multiple treatments, and view a history of treatments that is sorted by procedure date. The app also makes it easy to share this data with other doctors in the case that the patients needs to be treated at a new facility.

HydroAssist is free to use, and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

[Via: mobihealthnews]