Polar A360 activity tracker integrates heart rate monitor

Polar A360 wristband

More and more activity trackers are integrating heart rate sensors, and Polar doesn’t want to miss that trend. Despite creating the first commercial heart rate monitor 38 years ago, the company’s wrist-worn products so far didn’t come with this capability. This changes with the newly unveiled Polar A360, which according to the company, features “industry-leading heart rate measurement-based training guidance”, in addition to 24/7 activity tracking and a color touchscreen. The device is also waterproof, and will track user’s daily activity, steps, calories, workouts, and sleep.

“The key to achieving Polar’s well-known accuracy relies on how data is recorded by the sensor, and then how it is interpreted,” says Marco Suvilaakso, Global Product Director at Polar. “We developed our own algorithm for optical heart rate monitoring and optimized the hardware design to ensure the A360 meets the same accuracy and quality standards that Polar customers have come to expect.”

The Polar A360 will be available in next month for $199.95, though changeable wristbands won’t be available till early next year.Polar A360 supports notifications that will be delivered to the users through vibrations, alerting him/her on incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts, and social media notifications; the same vibrating motor will provide gentle reminders when users have been sitting still for too long.

Polar says its device is “not only stylish, but also comfortable” with small, medium, and large sizes available for the perfect fit. Moreover, users can choose between multiple interchangeable soft silicone wristbands, which will be available in Powder White, Charcoal Black, Neon Green, Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue for individual purchase. Fully charged, the Polar A360 will provide two weeks of 24/7 activity tracking, including one hour of training per day.

As for the companion app — available for iOS and Android — it offers an in-depth analysis of daily, weekly, and monthly activity. Also, users get to benefit from Smart Coaching features such as Activity Guide and Activity Benefit, which provide practical daily activity target suggestions and explain how activities affect the user’s health. The application syncs with the Polar Flow web service that enables training with a coach, as well as Polar Club that allows users to train with club instructors and view live heart rate data during fitness classes.

The Polar A360 will be available in next month for $199.95, though changeable wristbands won’t be available till early next year.