Over 20 enterprise customers have signed-up for Fitbit Wellness in the previous 4 months

Fitbit Wellness

In the last four months, Fitbit has added more than 20 new enterprise customers to its business-to-business offering — Fitbit Wellness — the company has announced. Among those joining-in are Aon Service Corporation, Barclays, BMC Software, Boston College, Emory University and Emory Healthcare, GoDaddy.com and Gonzaga University.

The latest to join the activity tracking craze was Barclays PLC, which will roll out its Global Wellness Program on November 2nd, providing over 75,000 of its employees in the U.S. and UK with the ability to purchase a subsidized Fitbit device. Overall, the company plans to roll the program out to all 140,000 Barclays employees worldwide.

In the other news, Fitbit added the new Fitbit Corporate Challenges feature to the platform to “help drive employee engagement.” Available in Q4 2015 on iOS and Windows Mobile to both new and existing corporate customers of Fitbit Wellness, the capability will allow organizations to design, create and run custom activity challenges within the Fitbit Program Management Dashboard.

Barclays plans to roll Fitbit Wellness out to all of its 140,000 employees worldwide.Fitbit Corporate Challenges promise to build healthy habits, featuring mobile messaging, real time dashboards, and a gamified experience that help employees work together, support one another and share their successes.

“In 2015, we’ve seen companies of all sizes and industries turn to Fitbit Wellness to support the development of their wellness programs,” said Amy McDonough, Vice President and General Manager of Fitbit Wellness. “This not only points to Fitbit’s credibility and leadership in the corporate wellness space, but also serves as an indicator that organizations are making corporate wellness a top business priority.”